our ministries

Children's Ministry

Lo, Children are the heritage of the Lord. Welcome to the children's ministry of RCCG Cornerstone Worship Center.

Teenage Ministry

They say that the youths are the backbone of the church. RCCG CWC Youth ministry are a young and vibrant group.

Young Adults and Singles (YASM)

Members of the Young Adults and Single's Ministry (YASM) are part of a much greater group from RCCG in North America.

Couple's Ministry

If you are legally married and joined in Holy Matrimony, you are automatically a member of the Couple's Ministry at RCCG CWC.

Men's Ministry

The men of RCCG CWC gather hold meetings to fashion out business and job opportunities for members amongst many other things.

Women's Ministry

The glorious Women of RCCG CWC meet ocassionally and pray to the Lord to help them manage their family and homes.

our departments

Prayer Band

The Prayer Band at RCCG CWC have a watch-word of 'prayer.' This is a department to join if you love praying and interceding.

Outreach & Mission

Outreach and Mission Department is created to cater to members and missionary trips targeted at meeting the needs of others.

Technical (Audio/Visual)

The technical department at RCCG CWC are responsible for the audio and visual aspect of every service. Join us today!


The Ushering department at RCCG CWC maintain order in the house of God. If you like to join the ushering department, please click here.

Holy Janitor

The Holy Janitor Team at RCCG CWC are set out to ensure that the house of the Lord is always clean at all times. Cleanliness!


Maintenance Department is responsible for maintaining all equipment and furniture within and around the sanctuary.

Publication & Publicity

Spread the word and sell it not! The department creates and distributes flyers and banners to propagate the word of God for RCCG CWC.


Follow-Up Department meet with those who recently gave their lives to Christ and are new-comers within the church fold of Christ.


The Choir and Music Ministry at RCCG CWC bring down the presence of the Lord in singing as the atmosphere is changed for His presence.